The Parish Council holds 3 types of meetings:

  • Ordinary Parish Council Meetings … are open meetings, held 6 times per year, to conduct the regular business of the Parish Council. Members of the community are welcome to attend.     The May meeting starts with the Annual Meeting of the Council at which the Chair is elected or re-elected, and the Register of Interests updated. This is followed by an Ordinary Meeting
  • Extraordinary Meetings … are sometimes held to review Planning Applications when planning timescales prevent discussion at a regular Parish Council Meeting, but these meetings can also cover other Council business where deferral to our next regular meeting is inappropriate
  • Annual Parish Meeting … is an open meeting for the parish, usually held in April, at which the Council, village groups and organisations report on their activities.  It is traditionally called and chaired by EPC. Discussion generates useful ideas and feedback from the community helps to steer the Parish Council’s agenda for the coming year

Meetings – Agendas

Ordinary meeting agenda13thJan2022

Ordinary meeting agenda 14th Mar 2022

Meeting agenda  11th May 2022

Planning meeting 27th July 2022

Ordinary meeting 12th September 2022 – THIS HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED. NEW DATE TO BE ADVISED.

Ordinary meeting 17th October 2022 (rearranged from 12.09.22)

Ordinary meeting 16th January 2023



Ordinary Meetings – Minutes

EPC Minutes 25th Jan 2021

EPC Minutes 8th March 2021

EPC Minutes 4th May 2021

EPC Minutes 28th July 2021

EPC Minutes 15th Sept2021

EPC Minutes15thNov2021

EPC Minutes  Jan 2022

EPC minutes 14th March 2022

EPC minutes 11th May 2022

EPC Minutes 18th July 2022

EPC Minutes 17th October 2022

Extraordinary Meetings – Minutes

 Extraordinary meeting Minutes Planning Rectory Farm 17th May 2021

Extraordinary meeting Rugman etc Minutes 24th June 2021

Extraordinary meeting Minutes – planning 25Oct2021 copy

Extraordinary meeting minutes – Planning 27th July 2022

Annual Parish Meetings – Notes

Annual Parish Meeting notes  April 2022