EVA Epwell Village Assistance

EVA was set up in March 2020, shortly after the start of the pandemic,  to arrange help for members of the community who needed it.  Those who were isolating needed supplies, prescriptions and the like, and in many cases neighbours helped each other out. EVA was set up as an additional safety net and offered support and help to all in the community.

Someone needing assistance (or indeed a friendly chat at that difficult time) was invited to contact Nicola Rudge or Chris Hurst.  They would put you in touch with one of the volunteers who would arrange the assistance needed.   The group of volunteers was organised by Gavin Lloyd Thomas.

This community assistance organisation is still in place.

If help is needed contact:

Nicola Rudge  01295 780508                         cllr.nicolarudge@epwell.com

Chris Hurst  01295 780118                             chris@churst.org

and those wishing to volunteer as helpers should contact

Gavin Lloyd Thomas on 01295 788771         cllr.gavinlloydthomas@epwell.com